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Discussion Background
One topic discussed at the January 18th Church Council meeting was the desirability of requesting the district to appoint a study task force under 2012 Discipline paragraph 213.  The following text was cited during the meeting.  


hungry? - Each Tuesday during the school year we serve lunch for the juniors and seniors of Birmingham Public Schools.
  • The schedule:
    • Tuesdays except for holidays and special school events (exams)
    • Current and future menu plans are available here
    • Lunch times have changed from last year - 10:17 for A lunch and a longer time before B lunch starts (more time to cook/prep).
  • Let us know your availability to help this year - We can split shifts as your energy or time allows. For pancakes we plan to start cooking at 9:00 so an 8:45 am arrival for the early crew would be appreciated.
The work assignments and opportunities can be adjusted to meet individual abilities and availability so come this Tuesday to find where you can best support the program. New faces are always welcome.

Weekly with occasional time-sensitive updates.
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The weekly United Methodist newsletter for Michigan contains area news you can use to follow 'the bigger picture'.  To subcribe, please click here.

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